A Simple Blog

It occurred to me at some point that I allowed my previous site/blog lapse into expiration. That tends to happen when you're not actively looking for work.

I had used Keystone.js for the previous incarnation of my site. It's useful if you have a lot of content besides a blog, but is decidedly too much of a commitment for the simple site I wanted now.

I decided to go with Ghost. I found a nice a one-click install for Heroku that hit the spot. Uploaded a cover photo, set up a quick resume and contact page, and redirected the DNS for my domains and voila—I've a new website.

Ghost lacks a lot of the features of Keystone or Wordpress. There's not a lot of customization without diving into the source and the plugin ecosystem is essentially non-existent without first upgrading to the paid version. For my purposes though, the no frills simplicity is a nice fit. It's even free if you don't mind the limitations of Heroku's free tier (though I splurged on the $7 monthly hobby dyno + $9 monthly hobby database).

I recommend Ghost if you need a quick and easy blog that doesn't look like it belongs on GeoCities.